Running in Copenhagen (HD) 30 [youtube]

A few trains caught in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Music: The Passion HiFi – Chill-Step

Issa Lory Cat – Destroy What Destroys You

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Graffiti by DCS, Destroy Capitalism Crew:
Video by Apan.

Copenhagen Blackbooks video preview [youtube]


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Music by: Pistol Pete (

Copenhagen Blackbooks’ is a unique compilation of 32 Danish writers’ blackbooks. All writers have contributed with tales and stories, giving the reader an unprecedented and truly rare insight into the secret pages of a vandal. Featuring Rens, Cave, Swet, CMP and many other classic danish writers. The book contains 280 pages and is written in english. It measures 220X285 mm and it is softcover bound. It is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Published by Brask Publications.

Format: 220X285 mm
Pages: 280
Language: English
Release date: July, 2014
Weight: 1200g

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Roskilde 2014 videos

HuskMitNavn painting the Grand Stand Wall at Roskilde Festival 2014.

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Update: ^^^

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Egs – 3 Letters [youtube]

EGS 3 LETTERS BOOK: (World wide shipping)

While we where working on the book 3 LETTERS we also recorded this short documentary about EGS. We hooked up with him in his studio, walked the streets of Helsinki and ended up in an old abandoned factory in Tallinn, Estonia. Get to know how it all started in Helsinki, how people started interrailing and building up a international network and of course how he got the name EGS.

For the last 25 years he has been writing his 3 letters on walls and trains all over the world. With a passion for traveling EGS has spread his name in over 40 countries the last decades and that also made him the most internationally recognised Finnish graffiti artist. Starting his graffiti career in Helsinki during the late 1980s he was a part of the first Finnish graffiti wave. Always looking for new places to explore EGS is still traveling to explore the world and leave his mark in new places. During the last years you also have been able to see his works in museums and galleries around the world.

The book 3 LETTERS is a documentation of works by Finnish graffiti artist EGS from 1993-2014 and contains pieces on walls, trains combined with sketches and his unique styled ink drawings. The book is available exclusively through and his agent Make Your Mark gallery in Helsinki. Foreword by Paavo Arhinmäki, The Minister of Culture and Sport, Finland 2011-2014. Printed in a first edition of 450 copies.

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Trackside [24/08 - 2014]

We have uploaded 20 photos.
dansk graffiti
dansk graffiti
dansk graffiti

Stockholm Sabotage trailer [vimeo]

From the first day we started this project our intention has been to produce something in high resolution, quality actions and 100% Stockholm trains. We left the crappy mobile videos and still sitting cameras at home. ;)
This also meant a lot more planning for every action, but also being more cautious and thinking about the next step in a very sneaky Stockholm with the vandal squad around the corner.
And now after 2 years of filming, we finally present to you a sneak peak of the upcoming movie Stockholm Sabotage. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did filming and thanks for your support!

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