Brap brap issue 3 release

The 3rd issue of Brap brap will be released on Saturday in Stockholm. Go to to see the previews.

The third of the Stockholm-based graffiti fanzine Brap brap will be available in stores in a week or so, but if you want to catch it before that you should swing by Kafé 44 on saturday where we will have a halloween and release party together with the guys from Gooseride.

Facebook page for the party

Line up for the night:
Klumben & Raske Penge + 80’erne [DK]
Jahtari Sound (DJ Dressla) & Rawlph Dread (Sandokan HiFi) [GER]
Side Effectz & Cap (Always Out To Struggle)
Kalawanji (All Out Dubstep, Dubstep Bastards)
Nowan & MC Mevla (Subsektor 08, Gooseride)
Hasseljazz, DJ Nebs & Vicious (Get Low)
Raz B2B JNB (Back 2 Back)
Zimonito (Monkey Suit)

2 November/20-02/18 år/100SEK/Kafé 44/Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm