Meeting Of Styles Copenhagen 2015

Copenhagen opens the doors to the worlds largest graffiti festival ”Meeting Of Styles” 24-26th July, 2015.

Here a video showing how it went down in Copenhagen that weekend.

Lints, Bims, Malakkaii, Crem, Meso, Dato, Gore, Bane, Mech, Crazo, Same Rzm,Rasmus Balstrøm, Alexander Witting,Tonek , Bizk1, Juse One, Welin, Acis,Cheeky, Debs, AwOne, Tyme, Peter Klar, WSB Crew, Soe, Bayne, Waok, Twin, Kram, Arturo Damasco, Renix, Woser.

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Thanks Special thanks to TSDVO, Streetstudies, Spottet, NBQ, Smokers Choice & Farvecentret.

Video produced by Nikolai Irinov

Meeting Of Styles Copenhagen 2015