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Spottet Graffiti Shop [vimeo]

Ollio [vimeo]

Ollio is one of the most succesfull artists from Gothenburg. This movie shows a little bit why he has succed where others have failed.

Nightofjustice [youtube]

Its adventure time, all ya hobo´s out there!

Boys of terror.
soft spots, cool cats…
camera test, 2014.

Swedish freight graffiti, summer of 2014.

Danish graffiti steel 2014 [youtube]

Soten – Spak timelapse [youtube]

New Year, New Wall. Props to Soten, Spak and Emil Heinsen for making this wall a reality.

Heltbang [vimeo]

The Graffiti Challenge #RF14 [youtube]

We gave 6 members of the Roskilde Festival Graffiti crew the challenge to paint the whole line-up. Here’s what they made of it!

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