Chrome busters event presents,
CHROME BUSTERS: Malmö, Sweden 10/12-2016
FOLKETSPARK, Knarkrondellen/ Parkgatan.
13:00- 18:00.

Afterparty and Secret Movie Screening:
RETO: Norra parkgatan 26
18:00- 01:00
13:00- 18:00 Everybody knows that winter time is Chrome time. That is why we will freeze our fingers, to Celebrate the Chrome Busters together at the legal wall of Folketspark: Saturday the 10 of december. By inviting some of the style kings of today, for a nice graffiti jam. There is going to be warm chocolate, a lot of fun and great styles.
See you guys there!!!AFTERPARTY !
At 18:00 Reto open up their place for the Afterparty.
Here we will first have a unique screening of the NER CREW LOST TAPES, BUENOS AIRES and FRAGMENTS OF BUCHAREST. This movies have never been shown before and i don’t believe that you ever going to see them again. So if you guys love graffiti movies! this is the best stuff that you have ever seen.After the movies, there is the party, our friend and dj: JOAKIM (Deng Deng) will start the party/ Music followed by: AWAX and finally: GREENER.





På lördag är det dags! Ses vid folkets park kl 13-18! Efterfest på Reto! #chromebusters #reto #burn

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Life Trip [youtube]

This short movie is a part of the exhibition “Life Trip” with photos by Guldvittring at HLgallery. It continues until the 4:th of Januari 2017

“Life trip” is a bit like “finding the meaning of life.” It’s something you can try to find by taking step by step in what is considered “the right way”, or you can choose to just jump on the train, let go and just let it take you on a journey. That’s exactly what this film is about. We jump on and go through the world with positive thinking as the main focus, which we is share among friends, freight trains, fast food, panels, beer, nature and fishing. No matter the time, place or mood in life, we are all together on this journey.

Life Trip

Klotterpodden 002 Mel

I avsnitt 002 av Klotterpodden möter vi upp Mel i en lägenhet långt ut på gröna. Vi pratar om resor till Tibet och Chile, brutna lemmar, fem-sekunders-regeln, Carlofon och innestationer i tunnelbanesystemet.

Wasated [youtube]


jag körde alla gröna, alla gator äru me. se till så det inte luktar INFERNO.
jag gjorde det fucking nykter. du satt still.
vissa satt ett tag vissa av dom där.