4608: Mission – Prologue [youtube]

MISSION, a series of train action videos aiming to portray different elements of painting on steel. This is the Prologue to the chapters to come.

The films are produced and directed by Fabian Sigurd in collaboration with 4608.

On August 24th the release party for the project will take place at Buller (Götgatan 54, T-Medborgarplatsen). We’ve managed to book some of the most rowdy live acts out there and will screen all of the videos that are to be released over the season this night.

4608: Mission - Prologue

Urbex: Enter At Your Own Risk [video]

No graffiti but Copenhagen is at around 06:50 and 16:40 and 28:45 and 38:30.

Oleg challenges Moscow’s elite by scaling a skyscraper in the city’s new financial district. Meanwhile, former model Elaina explores the underbelly of Copenhagen with experienced urban explorer Anders.

No graffiti but Copenhagen is at around 08:30 and 26:00 and 36:00.

Not all urbex is about scaling the tallest buildings — many seek out the hidden sides of their cities. David attempts to get inside a decaying 1950s battleship in France, and Elaina explores some underground tunnels in Copenhagen with Anders.

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