Trains [13/03 – 2015]

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danish graffiti
danish graffiti
danish graffiti
danish graffiti

Running in Copenhagen (HD) 37 [youtube]

A few trains caught in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Music: Corax Beats – Just Banging

Mens Du Sov [youtube]

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MENS DU SOV is the result of two Danish photographers’ documentation of the Copenhagen graffiti scene.
Get a unique inside look on the secretive process of illegal graffiti, shot only at night in Copenhagen, Denmark
More than 250 pages of hardcore graffiti action from writers and crews such as RENS, SABE, FYS, MOA, DIA, FK, EASER, WEEK, GRAPE, SPYO and many more.

The book will be printed in a limited edition. Pre-order now and recieve your order before the official release (out in stores June 12th 2015)
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By Anders Giversen & Simon Dokkedal

Øresundståg [10/03 – 2015]

We have uploaded 20 photos.
swedish graffiti
swedish graffiti
swedish graffiti
swedish graffiti

Graffiti Stockholm interview posted a interview with Klive and Kaos about their graffiti company. In English.

Calle “Klive” and Lasse “Kaos” make up the artist duo Graffiti Stockholm, a small design company founded in 2008. They started getting offers through word-by-mouth rumors and today they earn a steady income doing what they love.

Grandsmack intervju med Ikaroz

Interview with Ikaroz NG TD in Swedish.

Det bjuds på skratt, allvarliga samtalsämnen, gamla minnen och mycket mer. Lyssna på intervjun här

From grandsmack.

Northern Lights – Chapter One – Trailer [vimeo]

“Northern Lights is a four part series showcasing graffiti on steel. This first part is dedicated to Norway, and more specifically to the Oslo region.”
* Duration: 30+ minutes, in full HD; access will be granted via Paypal payment of a one-time fee.
* Price will be set to 5 euros, 5 dollars, or 50,- NOK depending on which part of the world you live in. This grants you lifelong access to view the full movie at you discretion. Download will not be available.
Release will be some time during march. Stay tuned.