AAAC GRAFFITI FESTIVAL Official Aftermovie.Once again, a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who participated in this years festival. Especially all of our artists and Ironlak. None of this would ever be possible without your incredible skill sets and amazing support. Can't wait to see you guys again next year! Enjoy the video:)

Posted by Aarhus Art Convention on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Wild North [youtube]

In a short film edited by Broken System Productions follow some of the best graffiti writers form Sydney to the Wild North that is Copenhagen.

All footage was submitted anonymously and was compiled to document the subculture of graffiti.

Music by:
Kavinsky – Grand Canyon
La Dame En Bleu – Mondkopf

MTN Australia, Broken System Productions and BSP Clothing do not condone vandalism.

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From mtnaustralia.

Simon, will you marry Ida [vimeo]

On a large mural signed by one of Sweden’s legendary graffiti artist mr.Puppet.
You can read the words “Simon, will you marry Ida”
You could see Simon´s facial expression change to pure happiness with tears of joy coming down his cheek when it all came clear to him.
I´ve always wanted to engage graffiti into my proposal to Simon somehow. The reason is because it´s been a big part of his life. When I got the idea, I felt like it would be perfect if I could get hold of the Mr puppet. The artist he admire the most, says Ida Hansson.
Cheers and smiles broke out from the crowed when an overwhelmed Simon Ålander climbed up the ladder with shaky hands and sprayed his answer in the tick box “Yes”