Bumblebee and Mikael B – On track

80ft wall collab – Bumblebee and Mikael B.
Uniting streetart and wildstyle graffiti in Los Angeles.
Instagram: @bumblebeelovesyou @mikaelbrandrup
Shot and edited by: @ac_in_la

Wolume 2 [vimeo]

Wolume. 2 is released in memory of our beloved friend Fredrik ‘ASOC’ by Stockholm based WOL Crew.

About a year and a half ago we released our first DVD, ‘Wolume 1, a 120 min train-action dvd with focus on Stockholm based WOL crew.

This year we have been putting in a lot of work to overshine that release.
A true train action graffiti movie from the zero tolerance scandinavian capital Stockholm.
The DVD is sold on www.4608.tictail.com and is sold seperately or with a 48 pages handmade fanzine, printed on 180g Scandic Smooth uncoated paper in a limited number of 300.
The text in the fanzine is in Swedish

85 minutes
Full HD

instagram and www.4608.se

Kets – Copenhagen get down 2014 [youtube]

Copenhagen wall project alongside REKS, TIWS, SOTEN, MESO, BOMR, MOES.
Instagram: @mikaelbrandup

Running in Malmö, Sweden (HD) 29 [youtube]

A few trains caught in Malmö, Sweden.

Music: The Passion HiFi – Sense and Technique

Walls [10/10 - 2014]

We have uploaded 20 photos.
dansk graffiti
dansk graffiti
dansk graffiti
dansk graffiti

Steel Stories udsalg

TILBUD!!! Søndag d. 19.10 fra 13-16 Rubæks Bøger -Jærgersborggade 31
Steel Stories + 2 stk plakat 150,-
2.sortering Steel Stories + 2stk plakat 100,-
Plakat – 20,-
Superfly dvd – 50,-
Pilsner – må du selv købe.
Der vil også være fotos fra bogen i stort format og i ramme til små priser.
Gælder kun denne dag…jep jep :)

from facebook.

Boogie Down : Copenhagen #2 [youtube]

Contemporary graffiti live from Copenhagen.

From bopgunn.