Kiddust: Ugly Brothers from Iceland

While rambling around west Europe and down the Baltic peninsula The Ugly Brothers from Iceland have many big adventures. With Lithuanian street dog Labas to protect them, they can do anything or so they thinked. The Brothers who’s fathers is the same person and also share a mother from Lithuania, want now to be famous. Tired of cold Iceland and having sex with they cousin, they go to Europe! With no primary education and no skills, they make video and a book. Have a many!

They make @uglybrothers on Instagram.

Kiddust Ugly Brothers from Iceland

Ior Hfr [youtube]

This is a instagram film by my friend IOR in Stockholm. This is the old commuter model in Stockholm unfurnatly this is the last summer they will be in use!
R.I.P commuter model x10

Anti teaser


Her er teaseren for ANTI, som vi længe har glædet os til at dele med jer.

Stemningen er kaos, og stay cool – der kommer mange flere billeder op i løbet af næste uge.

Spray it – don't say it 😉

Posted by ANTI on Friday, August 12, 2016

From facebook.

HuskMitNavn – Bench Talk 15 [audio]

This episode I catch up with Danish artist HuskMitNavn. Over many years he has built up his name to become a prominent artist within the contemporary art, graffiti and street art scenes. He has recently gaind a huge following from 3D drawings that he has been posting on instagram. Check out more of his work at and on instagram @huskmitnavn1