Lars Pedersen & Welin Interview [youtube]

Teaser above and the full interview below. In English.

Organising a paint jam with over 18 countries represented at one of the largest music festivals in the world is no small task, but this weeks guest does it every year like it aint no thing.. Lars Pedersen is the head honcho and curator at Roskilde Festival Graffiti and we managed to get him to stay in

one place long enough to do an interview with him to talk graffiti and Roskilde, its history, its future and basically everything else..

Sitting in this week also we had WELIN, one of the camps youngest painters and arguably one of the most busy. Smashing out 13 pieces and murals in the short time he was at camp, WELIN paints with a ease and skill of a seasoned veteran. Yet at only 22 years of age, he has a bright future ahead of him.
We thought it would be good to show the full spectrum of the festival from the history to the future..

Ha en fin dag 2012-2014 [youtube]

“Ha En Fin Dag 2012-2014″ is a full length graffiti movie presenting masses of adrenalin-filled action and rolling steel from the Norwegian capital Oslo. Documenting the graffiti scene over a period of two years (2012-2014) with the most active crews from the capital. Boasting a great soundtrack, breath-taking subway missions galore, and a finale that will leave you speechless; Ha En Fin Dag is an absolute must-see for all graffiti addicts that’s into train writing!”

Ha en fin dag 2012-2014

Ikaroz in Stockholm [youtube]

Kronobergsgatan 35 is a historic street adress in Stockholm as it has been the only one of its kind where artists have been able to express themselves freely on a large wall’s surface.
This project has been initiated and forth forthdriven by Kollektivet Livet and together with them, the building’s owner Atrium Ljungberg and the Skylift providers Nofa we have started a collaboration and this first one features one of Sweden’s finest, IKAROZ. A graffiti writer with a long experience and unique style that really pushes the art scene forward!

Ikaroz in Stockholm