Texas comes to its senses, a little…

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New developments in the case, out of Corpus Christi, Texas, that has been making its rounds on the graffiti sites during the last week.

It is the case of an 18 year old kid who got convicted of damaging “30 some odd places of business and homes and public signs” with graffiti and sentenced to eight years in jail. The damage amounted to $7300.

On Thursday the judge has had to reduce the punishment, not because she wanted to, but because of a new law that went into effect September 1 which prevents “stacking” the sentences in cases like this. It means Perez now only has to serve 2 years instead of the 8, plus 2 years of community service.

How it is possible for a judge to not be aware of the applicable law is beyond me and seems like a much bigger problem than $7300 of graffiti damage caused by a kid.

Don't mess with Texas
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Graffiti artists dvd teaser[youtube]

graffiti artists limited edition dvd teaser. 90 minutes of hardcore graffiti extravaganza showing massive action and rolling burners on the train and subway systems of paris milano rome stockholm copenhagen hamburg antwerp utrecht bologna lisbon barcelona and beyond ,out soon

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Danish graffitiwriter killed

Powerline on train
Very sad news from Copenhagen last night, where reports state that a young 17 year old suspected graffiti writer was killed by a train power line. The young man was burned to the point of being unrecognizable, and was in fact still burning when the police found him. Condolences to his family and friends.

Links to the articles in Danish:

bt.dk skriver

En formodet ung graffitimaler fra Københavnsområdet blev onsdag aften dræbt, da han stod på taget af et tog, ramte en køreledning og fik kraftig strøm igennem sig.

Mere eller mindre den samme artikel hos tv2.dk, dr.dk og politiken.dk

DKgraff on flickr uploaded a few photos of some of the fallen Apoe’s work.

The same did awucrew on fotolog.



For os der vil huske jais, facebook gruppe.
R.I.P Apoe, flickr gruppe.

ExpressYourself-09 uploaded last piece and rest in piece panel.

PhatCap Productions uploaded rest in peace wholecar.

And a little video clip.