Mute Your Spray Cans

MTN mute

MUTE is a magnetic spray can silencer proudly presented by MTN, it is able to quit any noise caused by the mixing steel ball inside the can. Made by Neodymium, the most powerful solution available, Mute offers the strongest magnetic effect together with the minimum weight and size. It works easy and fast, compatible with all Montana Colors spray cans. Just approach the device to the can and move slowly the can in order to make the ball caught by Mute.

via dutchdamage

BNE interview and art show

BNE was here! by antwerpenR
New York Times published an article about the New York native graffiti writer B.N.E. and his upcoming show in NYC.

The postcard-size stickers bearing the three simple black letters are affixed to mailboxes, phone booths, signs, walls, parking meters and streetlights, mostly in New York and Japan, but also in Bangkok, Prague, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur. He goes through 10,000 stickers a month.

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