STPLN Window Project – Max Solca [vimeo]

Max Solca is an artist and cartoonist with roots in Stockholm. He likes to tell things on public walls with pictures and words. Max Window Project is called Open Light a composition of buildings in Malmö with a visual impact by using color and the transparency of the windows.
Curator: Oyuki Matsumoto for STPLN-Stapelbädden / Magnus Johansson & Rasmus Alkestrand for Little Finger
Film & Editing: Julio Barcellos & César A. Ortiz
Hosted by: STPLN- Stapelbädden
Music by: Interlude (Herr Doktor) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Jyderup Højskole

Jyderup Højskole

Vil du lære det grafiske håndværk at kende? Vil du lære at lave performance af den bedste performancekunstner i Danmark? Vil du være med til at male vægmalerier med nogle af verdens bedste graffiti-malere og muralister? Så er kunst på jyderup Højskole noget for dig.

A Picture of Søren Solkær

TV documentary (29:36) about photographer Søren Solkær
Shown on Danish National TV ‘DR K’
June 2014
English subtitles
Direction by Tine Reingaard and Jon Adelsten
Photography by Tine Reingaard and Michelle Francati
Edit by Michelle Francati

SURFACE by Søren Solkær [vimeo]


SURFACE – sommerens mest cool fotoudstilling

Øksnehallen huser den internationalt anerkendte danske fotograf Søren Solkærs store portrætudstilling SURFACE, der vises i perioden 13. Juni til 29. Juli. SURFACE byder på portrætter af 135 af de mest betydningsfulde kunstnere på den internationale street art scene – en af de største bevægelser indenfor kunsten i nyere tid.


Bates ”Style In Progress” [vimeo]

Bates began writing graffiti in his early teens and despite his tender age soon became one of the most prolific artists within Copenhagen’s budding hip-hop scene of the mid 1980-ties. Already in 1989 he was considered among the leading elite of European graffiti artists, including names such as Loomit from Germany, Mode 2 and Bando from Paris, Delta and Shoe from Amsterdam.
With the internationalization of the European graffiti of the early 1990-ties the rumor of Bates stylistic elegance spread even further and he soon became of the most sought after artists for the big venues around the continent and overseas. He has been invited to paint in more than 30 countries, on all five continents. In 1998 he was the second artist to be featured in On the Run’s biographical series on international graffiti writers. In his graffiti art Bates combines a traditionalist New York feeling for style, with an emphasis on a logic flow of letters, dynamic and swinging rhythms of bars and arrows, with a European sense of technique, of sharp lines, with a graphic verve and an near flawless can control.
© Bates