Stoop55 Marr [youtube]

Watch how this South Sweden street graffiti artist chooses different ingredients and makes a platform open for improvising. Listen to how this artists can embrace his good qualities while still excepting his limitations. STOOP 55 introduces MARR

Stoop55 Marr

OMSTart Slussen – Objektivitet [youtube]

Jag blev tillfrågad om att fritt gestalta konstprojektet OMSTart på slussen till musiken som gjordes av DJ Vadim (Ryssland) under sommaren och hösten 2015. Här är den färdiga filmen 🙂 Gå in på för mer info och bilder på Instagram @slussenomstart

OBJEKTIVITET heter verket som är ett samarbete mellan Nug, Rolf Carl Werner, Fits, Ola Kalnins, Ruskig Ångest, Mr.June, Ikaroz, Kim Demåne, Blue, Gouge, Amara Por Dios & Erse

Konstnärlig ledning: Pärra Andreasson, Assistent: Kerstin Simonsson

OMSTart Slussen - Objektivitet


In 1437 AD the king of Sweden awarded the city of Malmö with the mighty griffin as the heraldic symbol of the municipality. Six hundred years have passed and now it is time for a remix!

Using a variation of the classic Exquisite Corpse technique popularized by the surrealist movement, ARTSCAPE invited three artists to each create a component of the brand new Malmö griffin.

The original griffin of ancient mythology is part eagle and part lion, the kings of birds and beasts. ARTSCAPE decided to add a humble human to symbolise the people of Malmö. After creating three striking characters, each in a totally different style, the different segments of the wall were switched around to form three new incarnations of the city’s symbol.

Participating artists:




ARTSCAPE is a Swedish organisation working to facilitate and promote contemporary urban art through mural festivals and other collaborative projects. In 2014 ARTSCAPE produced Sweden’s first ever international street art festival.

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Video by Olle Enqvist, Remington Andersson & Joel Carlson