Mount Cavernous by E.B Itso


Mount Cavernous

An exhibition by E.B Itso

OPENING: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1.st 2013. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00

In Mount Cavernous E.B Itso presents a new series of photographic works that explores the intersection of primitivism and contemporary culture. The works revolve around caves and our primal urge to investigate and pursue the mystery of the uncharted. Our prehistoric impulse to excavate for shelter or out of curiosity. The same impulse that drove our relatives to paint in the Chauvet Cave in France, and for us to rediscover it.

E.B. Itso’s practice often deals with neglected or overlooked spaces in and around the city, and the relationship between the densely populated parts of society and rural areas. He has a special interest in people living off the common grid, people and locations in the periphery and the roads less traveled. In his works there is a human engagement that transgress registration, a fascination with the mundane and the overlooked, a care for the strange and hidden. In E.B Itso’s practice there is an implicit social critique, he questions the dominant perception of what formulates a good life and a sustainable society.

Since 2002 E.B. Itso has collaborated with Swedish artist Adams, building clandestine apartments, imaginatively hidden in the midst of a busy city life. Besides urban constructions E.B. Itso also works within the field of film, photography and public messages, combining these expressions with explorative journeys, far or near. This is E.B Itso’s first solo exhibiton with V1 Gallery.

We look forward to seeing you.
V1 Gallery

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Steve Powers: Artist Talk & film

Today 6:30pm until 8:30pm

Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Festsalen
Kongens Nytorv 1
1050 København

The charismatic American artist Steve Powers talks about his works and practice as artist. Powers is known for his project Love Letter which consists of a series of murals covering an impressive fifty buildings and rooftops in Philadelphia. This evening will feature a special screening.
& a film by Joey Garfield & Steve Powers. You as well as an opportunity for a discussion with the artist himself.

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Between magazine issue 03 release

The 3rd issue of Between magazine will be released in Oslo on the 30th November. You can pre-order the magazine in their webshop.


100 sider med det norsk graffiti. Intervjuer med Skog ALL, Mast ATK og Piv EKS OGS. Fotospesialer med Noe LMK ALTGR, Stör RPS ME MØE, LeBird TND og Eviglok34. Tekstene “Voldtagg!!” av Jo Toft Brochmann og “An Essay On True Graffiti In 2013” ved Jon Olsen. Sider fylt med vegger, tog og bombing.

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DJs: Hele Fitta og Erik Fra Bergen

Cc: 100 kr (som inkluderer en bladbong du kan bytte inn i et eks. av magasinet når du selv vil) / Fra kl. 21 / Id: 20


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Rdr Shof Oslo [youtube]

The year was 2013 and the resitance against Erna Siv and the priestkillaz ruler
Abdul jabbar went underground at MU to hide in he`s devilsnest while the true king was
speaking from he`s hideout in london talking to the last of Oslo underground capital
of terrorists in europe Rdr Shof while the infamous Dj Lars Tape Drone Surveillance
from the 80`s was scoping the hood for pope stack murdaz. 2013

Rens Tav @ le fix

På Frdeag holder vi en 14 dages udstilling med Rens – En af Danmarks levende Graffiti Legender – Dette bliver ikke mindre end Første gang Rens holder et solo show og vi glæder os vildt meget til at se dig til Ferniseringen 1.Nov. 2013 kl 19-21 -i Kronprinsensgade 9B / 1114 København K

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