E.B. Itso @ Gallery Steinsland Berliner

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GSB/Gallery Steinsland Berliner is very happy and proud to present E.B. Itsos first solo show COAXING CORNERS in Stockholm.

4 October – 25 October 2013

E.B. Itso is a danish artist based in Copenhagen.
His work usually deals with neglected or overlooked spaces in and around the city, and the relationship between the densely populated parts of society and rural areas.

Since 2002 E.B. Itso has collaborated with Swedish artist Adam, building clandestine apartments, imaginatively hidden in the midst of a busy city life.

Besides urban constructions E.B. Itso also works within the field of film, photography and public messages, combining these expressions with explorative journeys, far or near.





A solo exhibition of new works by American artist Phil America.

‘The Nefarious Face of Chinatown’ shows a series of photos and artifacts from Bangkok’s Chinatown, a neighborhood considered to be the most authentic Chinatown outside of China. The works give an in- depth look at the underworld of one of the world’s most criminal neighborhoods in search of its true face.

Before setting up the show, several artifacts gathered by the artist that are related to the neighborhood, were confiscated by the Danish police and the law- firm owning the rights to Rolex. However, the show is still complete and will open September 28th. The show will be at Vess in Copenhagen, Denmark.