Nightwatch Feat. NAWAS & RFC

So, apparently my music was picked up by some members of Belgium’s most notorious and infamous graffiti crew NAWAS. When they found out that I was also a filmmaker, I was offered to follow them and the Italian RFC Crew on a tour through Italy.
Back home, in the editing room, I got inspired by the brilliant art of NAWAS & the RFC Crew. So I figured it might be a pretty cool idea to combine their work with my own, which culminated in the first promotional video for Welväert.


Ade Movie [youtube]

All the video inserts are filmed in 2013, the set was made at the end of last year. The movie shows a writer on few trips and him meeting local writers, and painting with them. In the video set you can see actions from Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica, Athens, Catania, Napoli, Rome, Milano, Torino, Berlin and Wien. All the actions include painting only trains and metros.