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Arkivet – Videojacking [youtube]

King of Jutland Graffiti [youtube]

Me and my homie STUS were hired to make a pice for the breakdance event KING OF JUTLAND! Filmed with gopro hero 3

Our Rail Stories: Copenhagen cunts

d.i.a. m.o.e.t. t.f.s. o.r.s.

via systemboys.

Adhd episode 2.8 [youtube]

Boogie Down : Barcelona #1 [youtube]

Contemporary graffiti live from Barcelona.

from bopgunn.

Kör Baah! Teaser 2014 [youtube]

1 of 4 short movies coming soon

Bumblebee and Mikael B – On track

80ft wall collab – Bumblebee and Mikael B.
Uniting streetart and wildstyle graffiti in Los Angeles.
Instagram: @bumblebeelovesyou @mikaelbrandrup
Shot and edited by: @ac_in_la

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