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Kör baah ep.2 [youtube]

Abandoned Gas Station [youtube]

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ADHD EPISODE 4,5 [youtube]

KÖR BAAH episode 1 [youtube]

Sleep Crime Vol.1 [vimeo]

Sleep Crime X Palm Zines X TACO HA

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Colab Marr x TNSR [youtube]

Marr (aka Marvel) is one of the most renowned European graffiti writers, a few months ago we had the pleasure of seeing him in his video with mtn on the “montana versus” project and has recently left to see some of what has painted Brooklyn, New York. This crack the graffiti has been traveling the world for several years; in his past to Lima we had the pleasure to get together with him to make a Colab.

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Sigøjnere på knas [youtube]

Slå på konen
Stadig på kokain
Stægt på ketamin
Soldater på kokain skyder på kommando
Sut på kanylen
Svigtet på kommunen
Slyngler på kontanthjælp
osv osv osv…

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