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Copy Graffiti Magazine, 2012-06-09

hej we just made a magazine that will be sold in, highlights stockholm, street corner falun, urban arts Östersund, Impala malmö, Spotted Köpenhamn, Henxs Amsterdam, Mtn store Barcelona, heres our trailer

UP #45 preview [issuu]

Preview of UP magazines 45th issue. Content includes São Paulo report and interview with photographer Leandro Mantovani, focus on Jurne (US), Mint (SE) and UNL crew (BG), Stockholm Old School, Scanian trains by Marr and Leon. And graffiti on trains and walls from all over Sweden and more

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Svendborg trains can’t get buffed

Photo by Michael Bager from put up a little article detailing why the amount of graffiti running on the Svendborg line is higher at the moment. They explain that they are unable to get the trains to Fredericia due to track maintenance. They hope to have things back to normal at the beginning of july.

– Normalt tager vi togene ud af drift, så snart vi opdager, at de har været udsat for hærværk, men lige nu ser det skidt ud, fordi vi ikke kan gøre noget ved det, siger Anne Hermansen og fortsætter:

– Faktisk er det vores politik at få togene ud med det samme. For der er en vis status ved at have sin graffiti til at køre rundt i landskabet, og det er vi selvfølgelig kede af. Derfor skal de væk med det samme.

From in Danish.

LA anti-graffiti cop

“Graffiti is all about going to an unusual location and putting up your artwork,” Waldo said while strolling through his own neighborhood, violin and bow in hand. “I do kind of the same thing…. I like the surprise of people finding something that they’re not planning to encounter.”


Bromsten – 25 år av Bombing & Burners



A book by Björn Engberg about a run-down industrial area in the Stockholm suburb Bromsten/Spånga. In 1987 two graffiti artists called Circle and Weird painted a couple of well-hidden concrete walls in the area. By the end of the 80’s every spot in reach was covered with spray paint. When a zero tolerance policy towards graffiti was introduced in Stockholm in the mid 90’s, several attempts was made to clean up the area but new paintings kept appearing. Lately many of the old industrial buildings have been torn down to make room for new apartment buildings, in the meantime the Stockholm City Museum is trying to mark Bromsten’s biggest graffiti painting as a cultural heritage, and thus protecting it from demolition.

BROMSTEN – 25 ÅR AV BOMBING & BURNERS is a documentation over a quarter century of graffiti. It’s also a portrait of a rare site, an oasis of decay in an otherwise well renovated and thoroughly organized city. Apart from photographs by Björn Engberg the book features stories and memories told by local graffiti artists like Circle, Card, Crome, Serw, Rustle/Iano, Astma, Dyre, Sken, Mint, Relik and Cbee, plus a selection of their personal pictures.

Pages: 230
Size: 19 x 25 cm
Copies: 500
Isbn nr: 978-91-980115-0-0
Language: Swedish

Available in April 2012!

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