PHOTOGRAPY by Spray Daily

Spraydaily released their first zine yesterday. Get it here. 10 € and free shipping worldwide.

Knowing that your painting could be removed in just a couple of hours made photography and documentation an important part of the graffiti culture. Writers have since the beginning collected photos of their work in black books and today lots of writers also have their own online feeds on sites like Instagram and Facebook. Besides that there is a growing community with photographers that are more focused on catching the actual moment instead of the final result. With pioneers like Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant it grew into a genre of its own. In this first zine by Spray Daily we met five different photographers who won’t hesitate to break the law to get the perfect shot!

Alex Fakso (Italy)
Nic Gossage (Australia)
Leo Rivinoja (Sweden)
ShootYourStyle (Russia)
Nils Müller (Germany)


1 Fanzine, 28 pages A5
5 Postcards in A6-format
Free stickers
Price: 10 Euro
(Free shipping world-wide)


Update: preview video

NUG – Vandal in motion [video]

The Nug movie is available online now.

Med verket Territorial pissing gjorde graffitikonstnären NUG skandal 2008. Kulturminister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth gick i taket och NUG blev ett hett konstnärsnamn. Men NUG gjorde folk förbannade redan som tonåring. Som graffitikonstnär och medlem i VIM – Vandals in Motion – ville han alltid måla stort, snabbt och brutalt. K special berättar historien om NUG och målare, ministrar, konsthandlare och konstvetare vrider och vänder på det svåra begreppet konst. Regi: Lars Berge och Akay.

Längd: 55 min
Tillgänglig till: sön 1 dec

From svtplay.
Update: youtube source added for when svt takes the film down.

Brap brap issue 3 release

The 3rd issue of Brap brap will be released on Saturday in Stockholm. Go to to see the previews.

The third of the Stockholm-based graffiti fanzine Brap brap will be available in stores in a week or so, but if you want to catch it before that you should swing by Kafé 44 on saturday where we will have a halloween and release party together with the guys from Gooseride.

Facebook page for the party

Line up for the night:
Klumben & Raske Penge + 80’erne [DK]
Jahtari Sound (DJ Dressla) & Rawlph Dread (Sandokan HiFi) [GER]
Side Effectz & Cap (Always Out To Struggle)
Kalawanji (All Out Dubstep, Dubstep Bastards)
Nowan & MC Mevla (Subsektor 08, Gooseride)
Hasseljazz, DJ Nebs & Vicious (Get Low)
Raz B2B JNB (Back 2 Back)
Zimonito (Monkey Suit)

2 November/20-02/18 år/100SEK/Kafé 44/Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm

Filming at Ropsten

On a cold day in March, security at the Ropsten subway station in Stockholm noticed a suspicious person. As they approached the person, they discovered he was filming 2 guys that were painting the side of a train. All 3 guys were arrested. The 2 guys painting were later ordered to pay for the cleaning of the train, as well as a fine.

From page 5 of mitt i Tensta Rinkeby. Via flashback.

FatCap#19 The end of our road [youtube]

Fat Cap#19 will be in stores at the end of October 2013.

Is this the final issue of Fat Cap?

Fat Cap magazine is proud to present the second issue (96 pages) of 2013. It’s been way over ten years since the last time we dropped two issues in one year. We hope you enjoyed the tracksides issue we dropped in May. In issue #19 we take it back to a mix with all kind of walls from the cities and artists we have followed and supported since 1989, plus some fresh new faces that is breaking new ground in the culture. In 2014 we drop the Fat Cap book, as an anniversary issue #20. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

FATCAP #19 Featuring:

-Scandinavia; Denmark,Sweden & Norway
(Bates, Great, Side, Soten, Tiws, Jem, Side, Sabe, Puppet, Zappo, Skil, Kaos, Kazy, Ridder, Raes, Meter, Achoe, Goal, Woble, Kid, Loze, Poker, Duck, Jame and more…)
-Atome TFP interview
-Sofles DTS TMD
-Pay2 COD
-Eksm OSV
-Stay KD Travel report
-New York (Wane, Wen, T-Kid, Part1, Chino, Ces, Yes2, Vins, Bio, Cope2 and more…)
-Slaughterhouse interview
-BraskArt visits Dero TFA’s studio

Get Fat cap at:


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