CMP on Bench Talk Podcast

This week I catch up with Danish artist and graffiti writer CMP One. We discuss his involvement with the 80s Danish hip hop scene. His graffiti career and his paintings of urban scenes featuring b-boy characters.

Bates on Legends Thursday [audio]

Bates on Legends Thursday

Episode 123 is with Bates. He’s from Denmark and has been writing since the 80’s. His influence on the culture globally can’t be questioned. He’s a style master and continues to push the envelope decade after decade. I’ve loved his stuff since 97 seeing it in magazines. His humble approach towards life and writing is what really threw me for a loop. He tries to respond to every email personally and is so positive. I don’t want to describe too much of what he talks about and spoil it, so sit back relax and listen. As always don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent in. They’re on the website. His two song’s for the intro and close were After Thoughts – Oddisee Moderat – A New Error. Thanks again Bates for doing this.


Klotterpodden 002 Mel

I avsnitt 002 av Klotterpodden möter vi upp Mel i en lägenhet långt ut på gröna. Vi pratar om resor till Tibet och Chile, brutna lemmar, fem-sekunders-regeln, Carlofon och innestationer i tunnelbanesystemet.

Klotterpodden 001 Psykos [audio]

I avsnitt 001 av Klotterpodden möter vi upp Psykos i Bagis. På plats i hennes lägenhet överraskar även Doper och Hek oss med ett besök. Vi pratar militanta tågmålare, den svenska psykvården, skuldsanering och resor till Spanien.

I Klotterpodden möter Thomas och Rikard upp med olika klottrare i Stockholm för att diskutera klotter, politik, nuet och framtidsdrömmar. Klotterpodden är en del av TagsAndThrows – en kanal for graffitins kärna – tags och throw-ups. För mer Stockholmsklotter följ TagsAndThrowsSthlm på Instagram.

HuskMitNavn – Bench Talk 15 [audio]

This episode I catch up with Danish artist HuskMitNavn. Over many years he has built up his name to become a prominent artist within the contemporary art, graffiti and street art scenes. He has recently gaind a huge following from 3D drawings that he has been posting on instagram. Check out more of his work at and on instagram @huskmitnavn1