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Lila [vimeo]

“We have to relive that. When a thing is totally new and you get happy
for accomplishing it. Big dreams and goals in such a simple way.”

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DJ Universe Feat. Mohammed & Stor – Köpenhamn Slum

From the forthcoming Boogie Connection mixtape.

Director: Mr Bricks
Photo: Mr Bricks
2nd Camera: Lucas Peña
Additional Footage: Rocco
Editing: Mr Bricks

Issa Lory Cat – Destroy What Destroys You

Free download: https://soundcloud.com/issalorycat/issa-lory-cat-destroy-what-destroys-you

Graffiti by DSC, Destroy Capitalism Crew: http://destroycapitalismcrew.tumblr.com/
Video by Apan.

Stockholm Sabotage trailer [vimeo]

From the first day we started this project our intention has been to produce something in high resolution, quality actions and 100% Stockholm trains. We left the crappy mobile videos and still sitting cameras at home. ;)
This also meant a lot more planning for every action, but also being more cautious and thinking about the next step in a very sneaky Stockholm with the vandal squad around the corner.
And now after 2 years of filming, we finally present to you a sneak peak of the upcoming movie Stockholm Sabotage. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did filming and thanks for your support!

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Wolume 2 – Pre-Episode [vimeo]

About a year and a half ago we released our first DVD, ‘Wolume 1, a 120 min train-action dvd with focus on Stockholm based WOL crew.
This year we have been putting in a lot of work to overshine that release. In September we will release of the sequel ‘Wolume 2 in memory of our brother Asoc.
This time we thought that instead of making a regular 2 min trailer with random clips from the upcoming film we decided to give a little extra and made a 10 minute ‘pre-episode’ of the clips that we didnt manage to squeeze into the upcoming DVD.
More info on the releasedate and release party will be out shortly.

Braindead 2 [vimeo]


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LOADS Crew – Lillehammer [youtube]

Produced by Johan Nystrom (www.johannystrom.se).

LOADS CREW: https://www.facebook.com/Loadsgraffiti

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