Ikaroz in Stockholm [youtube]

Kronobergsgatan 35 is a historic street adress in Stockholm as it has been the only one of its kind where artists have been able to express themselves freely on a large wall’s surface.
This project has been initiated and forth forthdriven by Kollektivet Livet and together with them, the building’s owner Atrium Ljungberg and the Skylift providers Nofa we have started a collaboration and this first one features one of Sweden’s finest, IKAROZ. A graffiti writer with a long experience and unique style that really pushes the art scene forward!

Ikaroz in Stockholm

Leon, Hets & Ligisid in Istanbul [vimeo]

This amazing wall was painted by artits HETS LEON and LIGISD in the district of Beyoglu in central Istanbul in Turkey. Part of a large cultural festival organized and sponsored by the municipality of Beyoglu, and the cultural department of the city of Gothemburg with the help of Street Corner, Melis Kapagli from Beyoglu and Daniel Terres.
The painting process took three days in front of a parking lot where we met loads of friendly people welcoming the new wall.
A film by Futuro Berg
To see more visit futuroberg.com/portfolio-horizontal/art/following-leon-hets-ligisd-istanbul/
CBA Productions 2015

Leon, Hets & Ligisid in Istanbul

Above The Ruckus [youtube]

Forces in the world will tell you you’re a victim – of your family, your race, your past, your history. Don’t believe them. They don’t know you. Look inside and find your true self. It’s there. Give it a name.