Habits & Lemonade #1 KLTR [vimeo]

Mad Alchemist Productions presents Habits & Lemonade 001 with KLTR.

A non fiction fragment of drippy footsteps of a freelancing lifestyle. A clash of a fresh handstyle and poisonous ink.

To follow the development and production of Mad Alchemist Ink visit instagram @madalchemistink and to follow the work of KLTR @leila_special_k

Trackside Memories Stockholm [youtube]

Stockholm also known as Swedens Capital and also home to extremely dedicated and talented writers and a worldclass one of kind vandalsquad. To succeed and provail in this harsh enviroment you need time, strenght, mind, friendship and determination all combined into 1 force. Here is what Serio and his friends have achieved in the last month in the north….