Vandals & Legends

This Danish underground graffitimovie goes back to 1998 and will finish in 2006 just before DSB pulled out they old S-trains of traffic. 8 years actionpacked with panels, windowdowns, wholecars, wholetrains and liveactions.

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ILG/lars has the scoop. A new Danish graffiti movie is out.

Almost 2 hours of Copenhagen S-trains from 1998 to 2006. Great quality footage of a crazy amount of liveactions, panels, window-downs, wholecars and wholetrains and with a true underground graffiti video feeling to it.

Available at your local Copenhagen graffiti shop, including Fresh Connection, CPH Streetwear, Undaground, Rute66, Run4Cover, Paragraffen og Cambos Corner!

From ILG/lars2