Brap Brap magazine Issue 2 trailer [youtube]

Okay! Now that the summer is over it’s time to put together the second issue of the magazine Brap brap! Just like in the first number the focus is going to be on Stockholm, but will also include pictures from the rest of the world and will even have a photo-special with a young and very active writer from Copenhagen.
Send your pictures to!

MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2012 [Trailer]

It seems like yesterday that we started publishing MTN Diaries, a documentary video of graffiti in highest quality, speaking of production as well as of the actions and the writers that has participated in it.
3 years have passed and we took our time out to show you novelties like MTN 94. Now the tool of the protagonists in the clips is the new Hardcore 2.
This trailer is a delicious bite out of what will be MTN Diaries II. This time with more action, more tracks, more metal, more HARDCORE.
Watch out for the final movie, to be released early November 2012.

Bara Burners [vimeo]

I dagarna släpps Bara Burners, en graffitiblaska med fokus på ett gäng målare från Göteborg. Tidningen är helt i färg och de 28 sidorna är fullproppade med aldrig tidigare publicerat material.
Tidningen släpps i en limiterad upplaga på endast 100 exemplar.

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