Midnight Madness Stockholm [youtube]

Midnight Madness brings us to Sweden in the company of SBR with this sublime video. We can almost feel the chill in the freezing Stockholm layup and smell the scent of the MTN Speed cans that are being handled with expertise by some of the members of one of the most mighty crews on the Swedish scene. It’s an unprecedented experience that attains the highest in artistic satisfaction within this genre of graffiti.

Polski Safari – Smetr Mach [youtube]

Dragon hunters, MACH KGB and SMET AOD, set off across the Polish countryside – roadtrip styleee – sampling Poland’s many beautiful commuter models, sights and delights.

Video courtesy of 1IN1HUNDRED. A full-colour zine featuring unseen photos from the tour is available at – click to get yours.…

Mad Cunts Tour 2016 © An Ironlak Film

Cut: Billy Zammit (@billyzammit)

SMETR AOD: @Traveladdictone
MACH KGB: @thirsty___cop

Polski Safari – Smetr Mach

Aier & Ster [youtube]

A day in the sun with Aier (HSM crew) and Ster.

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