5 French men arrested in Frederikssund

5 French men have been arrested and charged with stealing and vandalism. When the men where spotted shoplifting clothes, they were chased down by the store’s security guard and police. Some “very nice” photos were found, on the men’s confiscated cameras, of graffiti previously done at Frederikssund station. Henrik Suhr, from Nordsjællands Politi, was quoted saying that the police think the 5 men are being paid by a German website for those photos. The police are investigating whether they can “pin other graffiti cases” on the men.

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DB anti graffiti drone

Foto: Klaus Becker from

Bahn ‘drone’ helicopter to hunt graffiti vandals

Published: 26 May 13 11:48 CET

The writing is clearly on the wall for illegal graffiti artists, as Deutsche Bahn (DB) plans to deploy unmanned mini-helicopter drones to film, track and hunt them down, it emerged on Sunday.

DB are hoping their new Bond-like miniature helicopters – red all over, with the DB logo – will be able to detect and film spray-painters and vandals in the act, wrote Bild am Sonntag.

The machines, which like a military drone are fitted with heat-sensitive cameras, are due to be tested over the next weeks – for now only on DB property and airspace.

If suspicious movement is detected, the operator on the ground alerts a pilot also at ground level, who can then chase down the culprits using a remote control which works up to 40 kilometres away.

The whole thing – including a log of GPS data – will be filmed so that the culprits can be later brought to justice in court, wrote the paper.

At €60,000 each, the battery-operated helicopters can fly silently for over 80 minutes at 54 km/h at a height of 150 metres, said Bild am Sonntag.

“We have to find new ways of fighting graffiti,” Gerd Neubeck, head of security at Deutsche Bahn told the paper.

In the past year alone, the rail company has recorded 14,000 separate spray-painting incidents at a total damage of €7.6 million.

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Photo from bild text from Update: Now in Danish at and
Update 2: BBC claims to have talked with DB about the drones so it looks like the story is real.

Update 3: DSB tells that they think drones are interesting, but that drones are not needed in Denmark at the moment.

DSB: Ingen planer om at indsætte droner lige nu
Du skal dog ikke regne med, at droner kommer til at patruljere ved de danske togdepoter foreløbigt. DSB oplyser til, at Deutsche Bahns initiativ lyder spændende, og at det ikke kan udelukkes, at DSB i fremtiden vil forsøge sig med noget lignende.

DSB understreger dog, at droner-planer ikke er på tegnebrættet lige nu – omfanget af graffitiproblemet i Danmark har i en årrække været stabilt, og derfor ser DSB ingen grund til at tage nye initiativer i brug.

DSB, der årligt bruger omkring 25 millioner kroner på at fjerne graffiti fra togene, har allerede en række sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, herunder specielle hegn, der er svære at klippe over og forcere, videoovervågning og et vagtværn, som skal forhindre uvedkommende i at trænge ind på de områder, hvor togene står om natten.