Dart In Paris [youtube]

Thanks to The Secret Lives we can accompany Dart165 like a scoundrel through the tunnels and streets of the French capita while he is painting. It’s a most entertaining production where you’ll also bump into pieces by writers like Org and Wegas along the way.

Graffiti haute couture #2 [vimeo]

Copenhagen around 5.10 and Stockholm around 39.40.

Video contains exclusive action of the leading Russian and foreign teams – OMUT, ATAS, 158, KGM, LUX, RNG, BUNT, BLUD, NATS, UCK, HML, WORD, MVP, DIRT, DNK, HGS, HCS, PACS, CAKS, TDV, UKS, Y2K, OMG, MTR, FK, BLOW, RNR, 180, BM45, 1UP, TSK, FROGS, TENS, AGK in cities such as Athens, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​Riga and Tallinn.

Graffiti haute couture #2
From vivacity.