Andra Sidan Spåret – RGE [youtube]

Swedish podcast Andra Sidan Spåret uploaded video related to their most recent guest: Rass1. Watch above, listen below.

First out in our W.S.O.T.T series are the rugged Rge crew.
This footage is related to the Rass1 show.

Yo yo!
I dagens episod gästas vi av Rass från RGE.
Vi snackar Hässelby, att vara förföljd, interrail och givetvis att vara bra på allt och bäst på fest!


The movie can be bought here.

Tunnel Vision SKANDINAVIA – All steel DVD 2018

Runtime – 50 Minutes
Language – Universal
Cities Covered – London, Budapest, Warsaw, Helsinki, Washington DC, NYC, Beijing and many many more.

Shipping – UK £2.50
– Europe 5 Euro
– Australia 14.5 AUD
– USA $10.00

Spending the youth in the suburb of Copenhagen, these young guys started painting the clasic S – Trains at their early teenage years, to distance themselves from the mundane and trivial every day life. To Stand out from the crowd and do what they loved the most.

To prevent their passion for graffiti from becoming monotonous and boring, they started visiting capitals in the neighbouring countries, like Stockholm Oslo, Berlin and London.

On these short trips they met people who turned out to become good friends and partners in crime. Soon their common appetite for adventure took them to the outskirts of Europe and later the world. On these trips they experienced crazy actions, hard chases, parties, jails, ghettos, hospitals, countless nights in tunnels and bushes, even many fails but most importantly the sweet taste of victories together.

Above The Ruckus [youtube]

Forces in the world will tell you you’re a victim – of your family, your race, your past, your history. Don’t believe them. They don’t know you. Look inside and find your true self. It’s there. Give it a name.

Graffiti on Ghandi P3

In today’s episode of “Ghandi on p3” they spent the their time discussing graffiti. They talked with Anders Giversen og Simon Dokkedal among others. All in Danish. From

Vice på dr3

Update: Watch the episode here.

VICE taler med et af de største danske grafitti crews Forever Kidz. Forever Kidz har overlevet i næsten 20 år på trods af deres holdning om, at ægte graffiti skal være ulovlig og udelukkende malet på tog. Det vurderes, at der bliver brugt mere end en milliard kroner årligt på nedvaskning af graffiti i Danmark. VICE undersøger konsekvenserne af et af Danmarks største graffiti crews handlinger. Se VICE på DR3 på mandag kl. 21.30