Meta Four “Kan Inte Ångra Det” ft Alibrorsh

Officiell musikvideo för “Kan inte ångra det” framförd av Meta Four och Alibrorsh från mixtapet “IATISTB: I’m A Thief I Stole The Beat” © 2014 Zlatko Prangasevic

IATISTB: I’m A Thief I Stole The Beat (MIXTAPE)

Skrivet och framfört av Zlatko Prangasevic och Ali Jammali.
Arrangerat/inspelat/mixat av Zlatko Prangasevic.
Producerat och mastrat av Andreas Löfgren för Kids On DMT.
Foto och regi av Enver Ramirez för Ladron Management.

Nightwatch Feat. NAWAS & RFC

So, apparently my music was picked up by some members of Belgium’s most notorious and infamous graffiti crew NAWAS. When they found out that I was also a filmmaker, I was offered to follow them and the Italian RFC Crew on a tour through Italy.
Back home, in the editing room, I got inspired by the brilliant art of NAWAS & the RFC Crew. So I figured it might be a pretty cool idea to combine their work with my own, which culminated in the first promotional video for Welväert.