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Mekkanine School of Street Art

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The Mekkanine School of Street Art at StreetMekka offers comprehensive 10 week courses in 5 subject areas of street art and culture. Each course is designed to provide students with vital tools and training that can be used in their own creations and expressions. The overall program geared toward enabling students to create a final product of their own choosing in any medium they wish to explore. Opportunities for students to exhibit their work will be offered throughout the year.

Letter Science:
Graffiti art is one of the 4 elements of hip hop, and is a pillar of street culture. Attempted by many but mastered by few, graffiti requires discipline, training, and hours of hard work to perfect. In 10 weeks, Letter Science will bring newcomers from writing their first tag all the way to designing creating full blown graffiti productions. Emphasis is placed on diligent work in the Blackbook, an essential tool for any graffiti writer. Students in this course will learn a variety of letter styles and techniques for creating well executed graffiti pieces. Recommended for ages 15 and over.

Letter Science is all about graffiti. Based tightly on blackbook work, students will be exposed to the full gamut of letter styles, and learn every facet of writing graffiti, from handstyles to full productions. Toys are not only welcomed, but encouraged to take this course to develop their skills.

From Streetmekka and Juse one.

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A Daugaard/Melhof-Pedersen production

Danish photographer Adam Sund shot Danish musician Rachel Hjort for her upcoming single “Rovdyr” (=”Predator”) in a pedestrian tunnel underneath a street in Copenhagen in 2010.

Shot on Canon 5D mkII

Backstage video footage: Bertil Melhof-Pedersen
Editing: Sune Daugaard

Music: Ibrahim Electric – Absinthe

Photo from Hjort

ArtRebels’ initiative during Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the creative company & network turned their office into a “moveable garden” with a style photo booth.

Triple youtube

Graffiti from Rødovre in Copenhagen 2010

feat. artists. Hands off, Smelt Mig, Pigestreger, Bert, Fætter dub, Etc, Money, Kers, toys crew, Tjern, Osv, Galore.

On tall buildings and hidden away in small corners, Århus has world class street art. Follow Nicolai Juhler from the Center for Urban Art around the city, and he points out the best pieces.

Triple youtube

HuskMitNavn besøger Go´Morgen P3

Copenhagen Street Art and Graffiti. Abnormal Nature
feat. artists. Hands off, Smelt Mig, Pigestreger, Bert, Fætter dub, Etc, Money, Kers, toys crew, Tjern, Osv, Galore.

Danish graffiti (sonderborg)(and from l.ron harald)